DukeCapture Mobile

DukeCapture Mobile gives you the ability to record lectures and events directly from your Mac or PC computer where ever you may be.  You simply run the Panopto recorder while your class or event is taking place or use the software to create supplemental instruction.  You then can manually or automatically upload this recording to Duke’s DukeCapture-Panopto server. Note:  DukeCapture and DukeCapture Mobile cannot be used to record, store, or distribute any media that must comply with HIPAA or FERPA requirements. 

Interested users:

  1. Contact your DukeCapture Site Administrator to confirm their participation and get an account.
  2. Presenter’s Guide and the Getting Started Information below.
Note: Your computer must meet specific system requirements.

Getting Started

Step 1. Getting your computer ready

  • Check the system requirements page to be sure your computer is compatible.
  • In order to use DukeCapture Mobile, you will need to install software on your computer.  Obtain the link to download the recording software from your DukeCapture Site Administrator.  If you need assistance, please contact your local site administrator or IT support professional.

Step 2:  Acquire appropriate peripherals

  • We recommend that you capture audio using an external USB mic.  If you are planning to include video, you may need an external camera (some computers, including most recent Macs, have a built in camera; others do not).
  • Talk to you to your DukeCapture Site Administrator should you need help setting up your computer or determining which peripherals you need.

Recording & Publishing Basics

Below you will find a Windows  Quick Start Guides that will walk you through the recording and publishing basics.

Windows Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Macintosh Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Editing your Recording

Please see Panopto’s documentation on editing.

Best Practices

  • It is important to perform a test recording ahead of your official session
  • We also strongly suggest arriving early the day of the session. 
  • Talk to your DukeCapture Site Administrator to get help getting started or to walk you through the process.
  • See the Presenter’s Guide for some additional tips and suggestions before you record your first session.