Wiki: Grant Edit Permissions to All Registered Duke Users


Can I Grant Everyone Editing Rights to my DukeWiki Space?


It depends on what you mean by everyone. When a DukeWiki space is created, by default, it is set as a private space.
There are two ways to make the space non private:
  1. Anonymous Viewing & Commenting
    Anyone with or without a NetID is only able to view and add comments to pages in the space.
  2. NetID User Viewing & Editing
    Only NetID users who have registered in DukeWiki are able to view and edit pages in your space. These users are all part of a group named confluence-users.

To Grant Permissions to Other Users:

You can add additional users and grant them rights to your space as follows:
  1. Login to the Duke Wiki and go to your Wiki space.
  2. Click on Space Tools in the bottom left corner, then select Space Admin.
  3. Under the Security section, select Permissions.
  4. You can add individual users by NetID and grant them rights or create groups then give them permissions. Click the Edit Permissions button below the groups section to add groups, or the Edit Permissions button below the users section to add individuals users.
  5. To grant editing rights to all DukeWiki registered users, add the group named confluence-users.
  6. To allow anyone (not just Duke NetID users) to view the page and add comments, use the Anonymous section.
    NOTE: DukeWiki is a self-provisioning tool. This means that the account is generated once a NetID user logs in. If you cannot find the desired user by NetID, it means that NetID user does not have an account yet because that user has never logged in to DukeWiki.
  7. Select the rights you would like the user or group to have beside the user’s or group’s name and then press Save All when done.

See DukeWiki Help for more assistance. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the OIT Service Desk for help: