Digital Signage: How to Request New Digital Signage


How do I request new digital signage?


  1. Log on to the Duke Health IT Portal at
  2. Click “Get IT”.
  3. Click “Business Applications & Software”.
  4. Click “Duke Health Digital Signage”.
  5. Fill out the form.

Additional Information

Once a request has been submitted, multiple tickets are created for different steps in the fulfillment process. The table below indicates what a new ticket is created for, who fulfills it, and the estimated time for completion.



Fulfilling Team

Estimated Completion Time


Purchase Equipment 

Asset Management 

4 weeks


 Confirm Equipment Delivery

Asset Management

4 weeks

 Configure PC (if applicable)

Asset Management OR Desktop Support

2 days

Deliver Equipment 

Asset Management OR Desktop Support

3 days

 Install Equipment*

Desktop Support

1 day

Final Configuration (if applicable)

Desktop Support

1 day 

Grant Access to Software 

 Digital Signage

1 day

* In Step 5, Engineering & Operations may need to be involved.  Contact info:

  • Online: Website
  • Phone: 919-684-4004

If you need assistance:

  • Visit and click Get IT to submit a request or to notify us about an IT problem click Fix IT.
  • Click Contact Us and then Click to Chat with a Service Desk Representative.
  • Call 919-684-2243 to speak with a Service Desk Representative.