Wowza Live Streaming

Live Media Encoders for Generating Your Live Wowza Broadcast

Adobe Media Live Encoder

The Adobe Media Live Encoder is a free download from Adobe.  You will need to create a new Adobe ID or login using an existing account information. 

Flash Media Live Encoder allows you to capture live audio & video while streaming in real time to a Wowza Media Server. The media encoder features support for Flash (.flv) & H.264 codecs.

Quickstart Guide

  • Download and install the application.  You will need an Adobe ID or register for an ID.
  • Connect your video device (i.e., web cam or video camera)
  • Open Adobe Flash Media Live Media Encoder
  • Under Device select the type of video device you are using

Note: You can choose the codec to use: H.264 or VP6.  When using the VP6 your file will be saved with the FLV file extension.  If you use H.264 your file will be saved with the F4V extension.  VP6 & FLV are generally recommended for live streaming.  For more on the FLV & F4V file formats click here to visit a helpful page on Adobe’s web site.

Additionally, you can use one of the pre-defined presets in Adobe Flash Media Encoder.

  • Next tick Streaming to Flash Media Server
  • FMS URL: enter the path to the server including the application name–for example:


[note: no trailing slash after “live”]

[note: no specific server paths should be used–only the CNAME  This is to ensure that your code works in the event we fail over from one server to another.] 

  • Stream: this is the name of your stream.  You may name the stream how you wish, but do not include a file extension here.  For example:  mystream
  • Tick ‘Save to File’ if you would like to save your live stream.

You can choose the save location of your file. 

  • Click the Connect button.  You are now connected to the server.
  • Check your settings and click Start

An icon will appear in the lower left corner of the Media Encoder.  This lets you know that you are streaming to the server. 


  • TBD. Please contact OIT Media Technologies ( if you have questions.