Toll Free Service (Inbound)

Toll Free Service (Inbound)
Domestic (TFS) and International Toll Free Service (ITFS or ITFN) is provisioned through one of OIT’s service providers, then “pointed” to a local Duke (10) digit phone number where you will receive your calls. If you require a new telephone number to be assigned, OIT will need to know which phone to program the new number on. This number can appear and ring on any Cisco VoIP phone that has a vacant programmable line appearance button. If you require voice mail for the TFN, OIT will  build a new voice mailbox on the local Duke number you ask us to point the TFN to. If we install a new Duke phone number, you will be charged the current allocated line rate.


  • There is no upfront expense to establish a domestic toll free number
  • Departments are charged a usage fee based on “minutes of use” (MOU) based on customers dialing the toll free number. (contact OIT for current rates)
  • International toll free service (ITFS or ITFN) charge both a one-time set up fee and monthly MOU’s by country. You will be asked to provide a list of the specific countries you wish to receive toll free calls from and Duke will work with our vendors to secure a price quote.

 Lead Time

  • Normal time to provision domestic toll free service (US & Canada) is (5-7) business days from receipt of all required information.
  • International toll free service can be provisioned from selected countries and is subject to international telephone switching restraints. Submit your request with a list of countries to find out if (ITFS/ITFN) service is available from each. Normal lead time varies between countries, but can be up to (90) business days to provision and install.

Required Information
When submitting a request for toll free service include the following information.

  • Department requesting service
  • Departmental contact name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Departmental mailing address: include any box or P.O. box numbers, City, State and zip code
  • Departmental cost center
  • Name you would like to identify with your toll free number (i.e. Duke Cancer Study 1234)
  • Local Duke telephone number where you would like to receive your toll free calls on
  • If you need a new Duke phone number, please tell us where this should appear and if you need voice mail service

Ordering Service
To request, change, or delete select voice services, or to report Telecommunication service issues, please submit a request through either the OIT or DHTS service desks.

  • University – OIT Service Desk (919) 684-2200
  • Health System – DHTS Service Desk (919) 684-2243

Billing Inquiries

If you have questions about your Toll Free JV’d expense, you can e-mail OIT Finance at

Reporting Trouble

In order to report a trouble to our Toll Free carrier the following information is required. Per carrier instructions they need at least (3) specific examples to trouble shoot.

* Telephone number in calls were placed from
* Exact dialing string used to place call when dialing Toll Free number
* Date and time of calls were placed, include time zone calls were made in (i.e GMT/EST etc..)
* is this a land line, payphone or cell phone?
* Are there any pre-recorded messages when calls failed? If so what is the exact verbiage and or error codes
* On-site contact name, phone number and e-mail address so that carrier can conduct additional test calls as needed.