Contactless DukeCard Frequently Asked Questions


 Why are we moving to contactless DukeCards?

We are moving to contactless cards for as part of a larger project to adopt contactless technology across all Duke campuses.  Contactless readers are more responsive, cause less wear and tear on cards, provide secure encrypted transactions and pave the way for future contactless applications such as iPhone or Android apps.  Contactless cards can be used on campus exterior doors, laundry rooms, vending and snack machines and dining locations.


How do I use the new contactless door reader?






Contactless readers have a PIN pad; PIN numbers are not required to enter buildings except for the campus data centers.

You will see the white Blackboard (Bb) logo lit on the bottom right side of the reader when it is operational.



  The contactless chip is located to the left of the chapel image.  For the best read, remove the card from the holder and touch the card to the top 2/3ds of the reader face (PIN pad).  You will see a green light when your card is accepted.

  If your tap is not accepted at the reader, you will see a red light.  You may not have access to the door you are attempting to enter.     


Can I punch a hole in my contactless DukeCard for use with another card holder or lanyard?

It is very important that you do NOT punch holes in your card! You may damage the contactless chip.


Can I still swipe my contactless card at campus locations?

Yes, your contactless card also contains a Mag stripe which you can swipe at any location.


I need to access campus data centers or Health System facilities – do I need a new contactless card?

The Telcom Building on West Campus and the Fitz East Data Center are equipped with contactless door You will use your contactless card with a PIN number for access when those buildings are complete.  You may set your PIN number at the DukeCard Online Card Office website (  This PIN number is specific to the user who set it up; DukeCard does not have a record of your PIN and there is no “master code”.  

If you need Health System building access, please come to the DukeCard Office to get a contactless/Prox card.


Who do I contact if I have a problem with my new contactless card?

If you have a problem with your contactless card, please call the DukeCard Office at (919) 684-5800 or email  Please note the color of the light on the card reader before you call so we can more quickly diagnose the problem.