Box Sync App from Windows Store

This article describes how a user will install the Box App from the Windows Store to manage folders

Step 1) Tap the Windows button on your Device and select the Store app

Step 2) Tap or click the Search Search button button, and in the search box enter “box”

Step 3) Select Box and it will install the app

Step 4) Once the app is installed you may launch the application from the store.

Step 5) Once the app launches you will be prompted to login. Click on “Log in”.

Step 6) On the logon window appears click on “Use Single Sign On (SSO)”

Step 6) You will be prompted to enter the email address associated with the account. – Enter your and then click on “Authorize”.


Step 6) You will be redirected to the SHIB logon page were you can enter your netID and Password to authenticate.


Step 11) You will then be directed to your homepage. You may click on your Home Folder to view your Sharing, Sync and Private folders. When you open an empty folder, you will see a prompt, “This folder is empty. Try uploading some files.” You can click this message to select a local file for upload. 

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