WebEx Enterprise: Recording your meeting

In order to record your meeting, your account must be provisioned to do so. Duke University and Duke Medicine affiliated faculty or staff can either request recording when you originally request your account or use the change request form if you want to add recording later. Both forms are available at http://webex.duke.edu

NOTE: If you are adding recording to an existing account AND you have recurring or previously scheduled meetings, once the recording option is added, you will need to login to your Duke WebEx site and go to My WebEx-> My Meetings-> All Meetings and select the Topic of each meeting and select Edit and Save. This will ensure when you start your meetings that the recording option is available. Any newly scheduled meetings will automatically have the recording option.

Recordings capture the attendee’s view of the meeting, which includes:

  • All public chat
  • All data including annotations, poll results that are shared, and notes (requires publishing)
  • Active speaker video (requires at least one attendee present in the meeting to have video enabled)
  • Audio (VoIP and/or telephone) and third-party audio

The following are not captured on the recording:

  • Private chats to the host
  • Poll results not shared by the host
  • Captioning

Please follow the best practices for notification of your attendees that you are recording as detailed here:


Press the record button to start recording. You can end the recording by ending the meeting or stopping the recording.

See the Support@Duke article, WebEx Meeting: How to Access Recordings.

Note: You may leave your recordings in WebEx Meeting, download them to your computer (in .ARF format), transcode them to WMV or MP4 (Windows only) or delete them. If you delete a recording, it cannot be recovered.