Eduroam: Getting connected on Android devices

Getting connected to eduroam on Android devices

Duke University is a partner in the eduroam network which is available at Duke and other partner institutions (a listing of participating organizations is available here). We recommend the installation of the eduroam profile if you will be traveling and need to connect to wireless services away from campus.

In order to connect to the secure network, adjustments will need to be made to your computer network settings. This process is simplified through the use of an installer. Follow these steps to configure your eduroam connection for Windows so you can take advantage of this layer of security. NOTE: Some Android devices may require a four-digit security pin after installing the eduroam certificate.



1. Open a browser and go to

2. Scroll down to the Off Campus section and click the Join Eduroam button. 

3. The system should detect you are using an Android.  Click Download for the Google Play store.  (Note: you will need to return to this page after installation to connect to eduroam.)

4. Click JoinNow.

5. Click INSTALL for the SecureW2 JoinNow app.

6. Click ACCEPT to complete installation.

7. Once installed, DO NOT CLICK OPEN Go back to the browser window for

8. Back on, click  JoinNow.

9. Enter your NetID and password and click Continue.

10. When you receive dialog box below, Click Done.

11. Verify you are connected to eduroam by checking your wireless settings.



If you are still having difficulty connecting to eduroam, please consult with your local IT support, or contact the OIT Service Desk at 684-2200.