Pricing – TSM Backup

Costs and terms of OIT TSM backup services

OIT charges departmental users of TSM a fee that covers their share for use of the central backup resource (e.g., server infrastructure, TSM software licenses, tape and disk resources, etc.) OIT staff will be happy to discuss cost and service levels; submit a request for new backup services to begin, or contact the TSM administrators team at

TSM Backup Charges for non-OIT departments: 

  • Annual cost per Gb of on-site backup: $.09/Gb
  • Additional annual cost per Gb for off-site backup: $.04/Gb
  • Initial one-time setup cost for additional servers: $500 per server

* Pricing Updated November 1, 2017

This pricing is calculated based on the amount of Gb required to backup the primary storage.  The amount can be more than the primary storage as it includes cost of each incremental Gb of data backup.  The amount of Gb required for backups is affected by the change rate of the data and frequency & retention of backups.