DukeFlyer: How to participate in DukeFlyer?

How to submit a flyer:

  • To publish flyers to participating digital signage displays, anyone with a Duke NetID can submit flyers by:

    • Go to flyer.duke.edu and login using your NetID.
    • Once you log in the first time, an account will automatically be created for you.
    • You can upload and choose where you want your flyer to display by selecting an appropriate Feed
    • Once the flyer is uploaded, you will be notified via email if it is accepted or not
    • You will be able to check the status of your flyer(s) at any time by logging in to the flyer.duke.edu and selecting My Submissions tab

How to sign up for existing sign owners:

  • If you’re an existing Digital Signage display owner and you want to participate in DukeFlyer to manage flyers: