Research Toolkits: Allocations for use in the services

Research Toolkits ( allocates a base of CPU-cores, RAM, and storage to regular rank faculty. As of fall semester (academic year 2016-17), regular rank faculty have allocations of

  • 4 CPU-cores,
  • 40 GB of random access memory (RAM), and
  • 100 GB of data storage.

These allocations can be consumed using services provided through the Research Toolkits web interface. All regular rank faculty have access to the interface by default.

Allocations are reviewed at least annually, and the expectation is that base allocations will increase as costs per unit continue to decrease and demand for services increases.

Allocations can be combined by collaborating regular rank faculty members, making it possible for Research Toolkits projects to provision machines larger than the base allocation by drawing on the combined allocations of collaborating faculty.

Additional allocations can be made available for projects. Contact to make a request.