Low Cost Digital Signage Alternative

While it is highly recommended that schools and organizations at Duke, planning to install permanent digital signage solutions, purchase their digital signage player from Duke University Stores (Dell Optiplex 7050 Micro – http://epos1.sequoiars.com/ePOS?this_category=248&store=709&form=shared3%2fgm%2fmain%2ehtml&design=deptcomputers) and a professional display to receive the full capabilities of the service and to ensure comprehensive support for the devices, some organizations may be interested in a lower cost option for various use-cases.

The Intel Compute Stick (https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Compute-Computer-Processor-BOXSTK1AW32SC/dp/B01AZC4NHS/) is capable of running the FourWinds software and could be an ideal solution for groups interested in displaying basic DukeFlyer fields or low complexity signage.

The Intel Compute Stick is ideal for:

  • Displaying DukeFlyer
  • Low complexity event signage
  • Testing and staging environment

Where the Intel Compute Stick won’t work well:

  • Video playback
  • Medium or high complexity signage
  • Interactive content (wayfinding, touch screens, etc.)
  • Unique content types (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  • High traffic/visibility signs

Duke’s OIT Digital Media group has tested the Intel Compute Stick, in combination with the <$140 Samsung UN24H4000 24-Inch LED TV (https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN24H4000-24-Inch-720p-Model/dp/B00KSBBGA4/) and have found the $300 package to be a valuable testing tool, capable of basic digital signage.