Cluster: Online tools for Points-of-Contact to manage users and resources

A web page on the Office of Information Technology website lists online forms that Points-of-Contact (POC) can use to manage access and other features relevant to the work in their cluster groups. Since POCs play a a central role in the governance of the cluster — determining, for example, who has access to a group’s shared data storage and who has high-priority access to a group’s cluster nodes — Duke NetID authentication is required, and POCs cannot be “affiliates” or have a “guest” NetID.

A document outlines the POCs’ responsibilities.

The list of web forms ( requires NetID authentication.

The individual forms set up “tickets” that are acted up by Office of Information Technology staff and that form a record of a POC’s requests and actions executed for a group. The request forms¬†are:

  • Duke Compute Cluster New User Account
  • Duke Compute Cluster User Account enable/disable
  • Duke Compute Cluster User’s Shell Change (use the Account Self Service Site)
  • Duke Compute Cluster Group Membership
  • Duke Compute Cluster Clear a User Job or Jobs
  • Duke Compute Cluster Change Primary Group

Questions about cluster software or configuration, requests for access to the Duke Compute Cluster, and other inquiries regarding large-scale computational needs should be directed to