Cvent: Creating a New Event From Template

As Cvent is made available to the larger Duke community, we are instructing planners to use the Duke-branded template for events. Use this process to create a new event using the template.

  1. In Cvent, click the button Create Event
  2. Use the option Using an event template.
  3. In the section Using an event template, click the Template field or the  button. 
  4. In the window that appears, click the category pop-up menu and select General Event templates
  5. Click the Select link by the template that best matches your needs such as TEMPLATE Duke Free Event or click Close to cancel.
  6. In the Standard Registration section, modify the Title, Category, and Description for you event.
  7. In the When section, modify the registration deadline, and the start and end times for your event.
  8. In the Where section, modify the location information for the event. 
  9. In the Event Planner section, enter the information for the planner. NOTE: if you need a contact email address added, please submit a request to
  10. In the Custom Event Fields, enter the Event contact name and email address, then click Next. Please note that your changes will be saved during this transition.
  11. OPTIONAL: Enable the Event Details features you would like to be active for your event. For example, if your event has multiple meetings or sessions, enable Sessions. TIP: if you need more information about an option, hover over the “i” (information) button by each option. Click Next.
  12. OPTIONAL: Enable the Website Registration features you would like to be active for your event. For example, if you are going to limit who can sign up for any of your sessions, you can enable Registration Types. Click Next.
  13. OPTIONAL: Enable the Promotion features you would like to be active for your event. For example, if you want email alerts sent to your registrants, you can enable Email alerts. Click Finish.
  14. Your event will be created in a Pending state but is ready for you to modify the event to reflect your needs. 
  15. OPTIONAL: Set visibility for your event (who should be able to see and if applicable, modify your event settings).

    1. Go to Event Details -> General -> Event Configuration.
    2. Click the Visibility tab and click the Edit button.
    3. Select the group or user(s) who need this access and click Save
  16. Your event is now ready for customization. As a first step, click the Preview button and see how your event is operating by default.