Cvent: Entering the Event Details

When you first create your event using the templates, you are required to provide a few details but there is additional information you should provide, both for your own records as well as registrants and stakeholders. 

  1. Go to Event Details -> General -> Event Information.
  2. Make sure the Details tab is selected, then review the information and if any information is incorrect or missing, click the Edit button. Important fields include:
    1. Title: The is the name of your event that will appear on the Cvent website and the registration pages. 
    2. Category: This is the type of event your are offering. 
    3. Capacity: This is the maximum number of participants that can attend. NOTE: there are other areas in Cvent where you can set a capacity including sessions. 
    4. Description: This is a more detailed description of your event. Please note you can also use HTML to control the look of the information on this page.  Information that you provide here will be displayed on the Summary page in the Event Website
    5. Time Zone: This is the time zone for the event. This setting defaults to Eastern.
    6. Registration Deadline: This date is used to close online registration for the event. If you are permitting onsite registration, make sure the time entered goes into the start of the event.
    7. Start and End Date: This is when the event begins and ends. 
    8. Archive date: Events that complete are archived so that they no longer show up in the Events listing. The standard date is 3 months but this can be modified. 
    9. Verify the information in the Where section making sure any phone numbers and addresses are correct. 
    10. For the Event Planner section, make sure the planner and email address are correct. If your address is missing, contact to get your address added. 
    11. For the Key Stakeholder section, make sure to provide this if this information is required by your department. 
  3. Click Save to apply your changes. Then click the Custom Fields tab.
  4. This page contains fields custom to Duke. Departments may require the completion of some of these fields for reporting purposes.
    1. Primary Sponsor Organization type: Verify this is the correct category.
    2. Primary sponsor: Select the correct department (if your department is missing, contact to have it added).
    3. Co-sponsor organization type(s): Use this field if there is more than one sponsoring organization.
    4. Event Contact Name: If someone else besides the planner is the contact, enter the name here.
    5. Event Contact Email: If someone else besides the planner is the contact, enter the email address here.
    6. Event Contact Number:  If someone else besides the planner is the contact, enter the phone number here.
  5. Complete any other fields as appropriate, then click Save to apply the changes.