Cvent: Planning contact types

What are contact or registration types when it comes to Cvent? These are categories of users who need a different experience when they register. For example, you may have an event open to the public where anyone can attend. Within this event, there may be components or “sessions” that are not open to anyone who registers – they are restricted. This could apply to a community breakfast or an advisory board meeting. Other relevant examples include events where the fees differ depending on the classification of the attendee (i.e. adult vs youth). Cvent provides contact or registration types that you can enable so that you can guide this registration process as needed. 

Keep in mind that you can structure your event so that the attendee will never see the contact type you have associated with this registration experience (or setting). For that reason, we recommend using generic contact types when configuring your event. Follow these steps to enable contact types for your event. 

  1. Go to Event Details -> General -> Event Configuration
  2. In the section labeled Registration Process, make sure Registration Types is active. If it is not, click the Edit button and enable it making sure to save changes.
  3. Go to Event Details -> General -> Registration Types and click Edit
  4. Click the button Add from Contact Types. Select any contact types that are relevant for your event. For example, you can enable the generic Path 1 and Path 2 to be used “behind the scenes”. Or you could enable a contact type that fits your needs such as FacultyStaff, or Student. Click the Save button to apply the updates. TIP: as you configure your event, you can add or remove contact types as needed.

You are now ready to use these categories as you configure the event. As a next step, you can create Registration Settings that associated with each contact type.