Cvent: Restricting Access to Components of an Event or Sessions

You may need to restrict parts of it to a select audience. For example, you may be having an all-day event with several sessions including a committee meeting. Only committee meeting members should be able to register for this. Or you may limit who can bring guests to the event. In the following steps, we will show how you can use Cvent to accomplish tasks.

Please note that Cvent is a robust tool with great online help. This article will not cover all the options available. If this article does not address what you are trying to accomplish, click the “Help & Support” link to access official documentation and training materials. 


  1. If you have not done so, set up your Registration Paths making sure that there is a second registration path called Path 2
  2. Click the link for Path 2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Make sure you are on the Basic Settings tab and In the Associated Registration Types section, select Add Registration Types… and select Path 2, then click OK.
  4. Click Save
  5. Click the Guests tab and click the Edit button. Only those that are part of Path 2 can bring guests so select Yes. There are a lot of options on this page but for our example we will modify the setting Number of guests allowed: to be 1. Save changes. 
  6. Enter your sessions by going to Event Details -> Agenda Items -> Sessions. If this option is grayed out, modify the Event Configuration to enable this feature.
  7. Click the button Create Session.
  8. You must provide a Name and Start time. It is also a good practice to provide a Description. Using our example, we will enter three sessions: a Morning Session, an Afternoon Committee Meeting, and an Evening Celebration. Once you have entered the details, click Finish or Finish & New (which allows you to add another session). Repeat until all sessions are created.
  9. Click down arrow by Afternoon Committee Meeting and select Edit. In the Availability section, locate Limit which registration types can attend this session: and select Yes. Place a check by Path 2. Click Save.
  10. At this point, you have configured your event so that only those on Path 2 can bring guests and can attend the Afternoon Committee Meeting. 


NOTE: These directions are temporary in that they allow you to test if your configuration is working. Once you are confident, these changes will need to be removed.

How do you test if your configuration is working if you have no way of indicating that you are part of Path 2? To facilitate testing, you can enable the option to pick your registration type during registration.

  1. Go to Website & Registration -> Registration -> Registration Settings
  2. Click the Identity & Security tab, then click the Edit button. 
  3. In the Registration Type Selection section, click Yes by the option Invitees can select their registration type:.
  4. Click the button Add Registration Types… and select Path 1 and Path 2. Then click Save
  5. Click the Preview button. You should now be able to pick the different paths. If you pick Path 2, you should see options to bring a guest. You should also see the Afternoon Committee Meeting on the Sessions. Path 1 should not offer these options during registration. 
  6. When testing is completed, Go to Website & Registration -> Registration -> Registration Settings
  7. Click the Identity & Security tab, then click the Edit button. 
  8. In the Registration Type Selection section, click No by the option Invitees can select their registration type:. Then click Save.