Creating an RSS Feed in Warpwire to Publish via Apple Podcasts

  1. Log in to
  2. Create a Media Library for testing by creating the “+” icon in the upper right as shown here: 
  3. Click the ellipsis next to your Media Library name (see below). You should see “Share” and “Settings” pop up. Click “Share”.
  4. Change the permissions for the Media Library to Public by selecting “Share with everyone on the web (Public)” from the dropdown menu as shown below. When your Media Library is set to Public, it will have a light green background as shown in the screenshots above in Steps 2 and 3.
    Making a Warpwire Media Library Public
  5. Upload the audio and video files that comprise your podcast to your new Media Library. See Related Warpwire Documentation below for a tutorial on uploading to Warpwire.
  6. Warpwire will automatically generate a thumbnail for videos but not audio files. To add one for audio files, or a custom one for videos, go to Settings/ Edit Thumbnail. You will see a “+” button that will open up a finder window where you can browse your desktop to find and upload an image. Your main thumbnail image for your podcast will be the thumbnail from the first media file in your library.

    Edit Thumbnail
  7. To facilitate access to your podcasts for users with disabilities, please add transcripts for your podcast episodes. To do this, copy and paste the text of the transcript into the Description field in Warpwire for each file. Warpwire does not currently allow you to expand the text box to see everything you pasted; however, the text will carry through to the Description field for the episode in Apple Podcasts that corresponds to your media file in Warpwire. See below for an example of where to find the Description field in Apple Podcasts:

  8. Navigate back to the Share settings for your Media Library. From where you are now it’s easiest to do it this way:
  9. Click the RSS tab as shown in the image below, and copy the link shown.
  10. Log in to the iTunes Podcast Site Manager using your Apple ID ( If you do not have access to Duke University Podcasts in the iTunes Site Manager, submit a request to the iTunes team at Duke.
  11. Click “Duke University” next to “Podcasts”
  12. Click “Podcasts” in the menu on the top of the page as shown below:
  13. Click the “+” icon next to “Add Podcasts”:
  14. Paste the RSS feed URL you got from Warpwire into the Feed URL field as shown below:
  15. Click “Add”
  16. After a moment, you should see your new podcast populate in the iTunes Podcast Site Manager with the label “new” next to it as shown below:
  17. Contact to let Duke’s iTunes team know you’re ready to publish your podcast. Your podcast won’t show up in the iTunes store the first time you upload, but after that it will update automatically.
  18. Note that you can also share your RSS feed in other apps like Stitcher , Google Play, and TuneIn.


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