MFA: How to set up a YubiKey

How can I set up my YubiKey?

The same information can be found inside your MFA admin tool to setup your YubiKey.  Click Advanced options on the right and click Register a hardware token (YubiKey)

Register your hardware token (YubiKey)

These instructions apply to registering a YubiKey, a hardware token supported by Duo Security. A YubiKey will allow you to provide advanced authentication to sites without using your phone. To obtain a YubiKey, visit the OIT Site-Licensed Software site. Once you have your YubiKey registered, simply touch the gold disk on it while it is plugged into your USB port to have it generate a pass code. Since the YubiKey acts as a keyboard, click on the location where you want the pass code to be generated before touching the gold disk. For more information on how to use the YubiKey once it is registered, please visit our help page. To register your YubiKey, do the following:


  • Click Quick
  • Select Configuration Slot 1
  • Select Regenerate
  • Uncheck Hide Values
  • Click Write Configuration. Select Yes to confirm. You may be prompted to optionally save the configuration which you can ignore.  Not completing this step will cause the authentication to fail although it appears to be correct in your DUO admin page.
  • You will need the Serial numberPrivate Identity, and Secret Key from the YubiKey Personalization Tool to register your YubiKey. The image below highlights the locations in the tool where these fields are located.



  •  Fill out the following information – Click Register YubiKey when done.  The fields below are in your MFA yubikey admin panel found here.
  • A screenshot of the fields is below.


If you need further assistance, contact your local IT support group/person

You can also contact your appropriate Service Desk:
University Users: OIT Service Desk – 919 684 2200
Duke Medicine Users: DHTS Service Desk – 919 684 2243