Autodesk for Education: General Information

  • License Types
  • License Restrictions
  • Requesting Products for Institutional Licensing
  • Full List of Licensed Products

License Types

There are two types of licenses available for Autodesk for education: Student/Educator personal licenses, and Institutional licenses.  For Duke-owned computers, one should always use the institutional licensing.  For personally-owned computers, the student/educator licensing is appropriate.  You can find more information on both license types at the OIT Software Licensing website.

License Restrictions

Autodesk products under the free agreement may only be used by Duke faculty and students for learning, teaching, training, research, or development purposes at Duke.  The software may not be used for any commercial, professional, for-profit, or non-educational purposes.  Additionally, the software may be only be used at and from locations that are not operated for commercial, professional, or for-profit purposes.​  Staff members are not eligible to use Autodesk software under this agreement, but they may install the software in computer labs and on faculty/student machines on behalf of the institution.

Requesting Products for Institutional Licensing

Due to the vast storage cost and effort to catalog and distribute all Autodesk products available through this agreement, we are making products available as they are requested. Once requested, a page will be created on the OIT Software Licensing website, and the download and license information will be available to all Duke faculty and staff. 

View the list of available software here:

Email to request Autodesk products.

Full List of Licensed Products

View the list of available software here:

This page is based on the Autodesk education offerings here:  Some products are not available for institutional licensing, but all are available for individual students and educators.