JMP Clinical: General Information

License and Product Information

JMP Clinical software licenses are available at no cost to the Duke community through a grant from SAS to NCICU.  SAS licenses expire annually on June 30.

Authorized Use: SAS software licensed under this agreement may only be installed and accessed by currently-registered Duke students and faculty, Duke employees, and onsite contractors while doing work in the authorized locations specified below for Duke purposes.

Authorized Hardware: The software may only be installed on computers that are owned or leased by Duke or on computers personally-owned by Duke employees, currently-registered Duke students and faculty.  SAS software for server operating systems may only be installed and run on Duke-owned or leased server computers located on Duke premises.  The software may not be used on any government owned or leased machines, or at a government owned or leased facility, or otherwise for the benefit of any federal, state, local or foreign government or governmental agency.  Authorized hardware may consist of physical computers or virtual machines.

Authorized Locations: The software licensed under this agreement may be installed and used on authorized computers (see above)in the United States.   Usage in other territories is limited to laptops and cannot be used in other countries for more than 3 months out of the year.  Authorized hardware residing in the United States may be accessed remotely from other locations.

Support Information

Technical support is provided by the vendor for Faculty, staff, and students. The OIT Service desk does not provide product support for JMP Clinical.

Official Product Website:

Tutorial and Training Resources:
SAS has also offered free JMP Clinical training onsite at Duke if there is demand for it.

List of Licensed Products 

  • JMP Clinical
  • JMP for SAS
  • JMP Life Sciences JMP Components
  • JMP Life Sciences SAS Components
  • Base SAS
    • International Component for Unicode
    • Report Fonts for Clients
    • SAS Client Connection Profile Configuration
    • SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit ADaM
    • SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit Controlled Terminology
    • SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit CRT-DDS
    • SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit Framework
    • SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit ODM
    • SAS Clinical Standards Toolkit SDTM
    • SAS Deployment Tester – Client
    • SAS Diagram Control
    • SAS Drivers for JDBC
    • SAS Drivers for ODBC
    • SAS Enterprise Guide
    • SAS Foundation
    • SAS Integration Technologies Client
    • SAS Intelligence Platform Object Framework
    • SAS Locale Setup Manager
    • SAS Management Console
    • SAS ODS Graphics Editor
    • SAS OnlineDoc for Windows
    • SAS PC Files Server
    • SAS Personal Login Manager
    • SAS Power and Sample Size
    • SAS Proprietary Encryption
    • SAS Providers for OLE DB
    • SAS Scalable Performance Data Server Plug-in for SAS Management Console
    • SAS Structural Equation Modeling for JMP
    • SAS Universal Viewer
    • SAS XML Mapper
    • SAS/GRAPH ActiveX Control
    • SAS/GRAPH Java Applets for Web Servers (Advanced)
    • SAS/GRAPH NV Workshop
    • SAS/IML Studio
    • Standalone Formats
  • SAS Scalable Performance Data Client
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files
  • SAS/Genetics
  • SAS/Secure SSL