MFA: Delete a YubiKey

UUThere are multiple circumstances where a YubiKey may cease to be used by one individual, and need to be transferred to another. In these cases, the YubiKey must first be deactivated, so as to remove its affiliation from the person to whom the device was initially registered. Below are the steps to deactivate a YubiKey.

Step 1) Have the user log into their Multi-Factor Authentication page from The user will first have to go through their normal Duke login screen if they are not already logged into a Duke system.

Step 2) From the ‘Manage Devices’ menu items on the right, click to expand ‘Advanced Options.

Step 3) From the ‘Advanced Options’ submenu, click the link for the current YubiKey token number.

Step 4) From the ‘Update your hardware token’ page, select ‘Delete token.’ This will remove the YubiKey’s affiliation from its former owner, and allow the device to be passed to the next person for reactivation.