How To Manage Subscriptions To StatusPage Alerts

OIT uses a vendor hosted service (StatusPage) to post and communicate IT service outages and scheduled maintenance windows. 

To subscribe to OIT’s StatusPage alerts visit

In the upper right of the main StatusPage select ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES’


To subscribe your email address to StatusPage alerts select the envelope icon from the ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES’  window.  Enter your email address and select ‘SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL.’


The StatusPage emails will be sent from

Additional notes about email subscriptions:

  • You can subscribe a mailing list to receive StatusPage emails but you will have to allow to be able to send to the list.  The suggestion for a sympa list is to add the address ( to the list as a subscriber and set it’s mail preference to ‘no mail.’  This will prevent the address from receiving mail sent to the list but should allow it to send if the list is set to allow email from subscribers.
  • You can subscribe a non-Duke email address to receive StatusPage emails which would be effective in cases where we are experiencing email or infrastructure issues that prevent Duke email from being delivered.



To subscribe your phone to receive StatusPage alerts via SMS text select the phone icon from the ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES’ window.  Enter your phone number and select ‘SUBSCRIBE VIA SMS.’


The SMS texts will be from various numbers in the (650) area code

Additional note about SMS subscriptions:    SMS text will only be sent when an outage is initially posted and when the outage is closed.   No SMS text is sent with updates between the start and end of an outage.


Whether you select Email or SMS, on the next screen uncheck any services or applications that you do not want to receive alerts on and then select ‘UPDATE PREFERENCES’ at the bottom of the screen.    By default you will be ‘subscribed’ to receive alerts for all services and applications.


If you subscribe for Email alerts you will receive a confirmation email:

If you subscribed to receive SMS alerts you will receive a text confirming your subscription.



Service outages and scheduled maintenance will be posted to OIT’s Twitter account.  Select ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES’ and under the Twitter icon select ‘view our profile’ to be directed to OIT’s Twitter home page where you can follow us.




To subscribe to the RSS feed select ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES’ and under the icon select ‘RSS Feed’ to be directed to the RSS site.



To add or remove alerts for specific services visit OIT’s StatusPage and select ‘SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES.’   Enter the email address you used to originally subscribe to the alerts and select ‘SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL.’   This will bring you to the ‘Manage Notifications’ screen in which you can check or uncheck the services you would like to receive or no longer receive alerts for.  Once you have updated your notification preferences select ‘UPDATE PREFERENCES’ to save the changes.




To unsubscribe to Email alerts visit select the ‘manage your subscriptions’ option in any alert email. 


 This will bring you to the Email notifications screen

where you can uncheck the services or applications that you no longer want to receive email alerts on.  Or if you wanted to completely unsubscribe from all email alerts select ‘Toggle All’ at the bottom of the list and then select ‘UNSUBSCRIBE FROM ALL’



To stop receiving SMS messages reply with “STOP” to one of the SMS messages that you have received and that will remove you from receiving future SMS alerts.



Contact the OIT Service Desk: